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CONTESSA—EVIL QUEEN. Determined to prove to Snow and the entire kingdom that she has changed her wicked ways, this member of the royal family will do anything to establish her benevolence.

. As Con-tessa's assistant, Imelda will do anything to demonstrate her devotion to the queen … and possibly win the crown in the pursuit.

SNOW—SNOW WHITE. Distraught over the missing dwarves, Snow's only source of comfort is Contessa. It seems that even some of Snow's closest friends have turned against her.

ALICE—FROM WONDERLAND.Once Snow's closest confidant, lately Alice's attention has been focused on other matters. Curiosity once killed the cat, let's hope the same fate does not ring true for Alice.

CINDERELLA—LEGACY PRINCESS. Cinderella has all the right qualities to be the next queen… or so it appears.

BIPPETY—CINDERELLA'S FAIRY GODMOTHER. After a lifetime of guidance, this maternal figure will not let her protege lose her way or her title!

BRIAR ROSE—SLEEPING BEAUTY. Awake from her extended slumber, this princess is determined to one day rule the kingdom. With 15 years of recent rest, Briar Rose has some serious catching up to do, and she is not wasting a second!

TRINITY—BRIAR ROSE'S FAIRY GODMOTHER. Distraught over her past maternal mistakes, Trinity will do anything she can to make all of Briar Rose's wishes come true!

EZRA—CINDERELLA'S STEPSISTER. As Briar Rose's attendant, Ezra is determined to use Briar Rose's popularity to make all of her desires come true.

ARIEL—THE LITTLE MERMAID. A social outcast in the kingdom, Ariel has struggled to fit in. Since becoming the kingdom's wedding planner, will Ariel be satisfied with this subservient role or use it to procure a more desirable one?

RUBY—LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. While away tending to her ailing grandmother, Prince Philip (Ruby's beau) proposed to a princess. Hurt and confused, this maiden is relentless and will not let her true love escape.

JASMINE—PRINCESS.As the kingdom's matchmaker, Jasmine has been known to both help and hurt relationships among the couples she pairs. Cinderella's being the most recent.

LILY— FROG PRINCESS. A victim of a broken heart, Lily's relationship may not be fixable. However, this doesn't mean that she isn't willing to take down those responsible for her sadness.

TINKERBELL—FAIRY.A hopeless romantic, Tinkerbell will stop at nothing to make sure that true love wins out over dark magic at any cost!

RAPUNZEL—PRINCESS. Locked away in a tower for years, there are few things Rapunzel will die for… however, preservation of her tower is one of them!

CUDDLES —BABY BEAR. After having spent her whole life searching for justice, Cuddles is ready to prosecute Goldy fully for her crimes. With Briar Rose and Bo Peep slated to testify, there is nothing to stop Goldy from going to jail!

BO PEEP—SHEPHERDESS. Another lost sheep has Bo Peep's job on the line. If Bo can find a scapegoat, she may just get off scott free!

GOLDY—GOLDILOCKS. Under fire from her peers, Goldy may have to retreat to her old ways to get herself out of a bind once again!

GRETAL—WOODCUTTER'S DAUGHTER. Over- joyed that Briar Rose has awoken, Gretal cannot wait to have her name cleared from the deadly homicide charges that have plagued her since childhood.

MUFFY—LITTLE MISS MUFFET. With a budding tuffet factory to attend to, Muffy's priorities lie in maximizing profit and pleasing her associates.

MATILDA—QUEEN OF HEARTS. This ruthless ruler has no jurisdiction in the land of Once Upon A Time, but may be called in to get some answers if something goes awry.

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